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Did you know that 70% of pets over the age of three develop tartar build up on their teeth?

What is tartar?

 Tartar is food and bacteria that sticks to the teeth over time causing Halitosis (bad breath) and Gingivitis (Inflammation of the gum) causing gum to be painful and bleeding.

If the condition is ignored the bacteria will destroy the ligaments and bones supporting the teeth that will make teeth to be lose and form pockets of infection or even dental abscess. Now the condition called Periodontal Disease

What is the risk to my pet?

 Because of the pain and the discomfort your pet will not be able to chew his/her food and swallow the kibbles whole which will lead to progression of the periodontal disease.

Some pets eat less and starts lose weight since eating becomes a painful experience.

Is dental cleaning necessary?

 Absolutely, if your pet has heavy tartar, gingivitis, bad breath or periodontal disease and lose teeth now it is not a cosmetic procedure but a must procedure. The more you wait the more teeth will be affected and it cost you more to deal with the problem.

*** Bacteria pass through the sore gum and circulate in the blood stream and end up causing damage to Heart Valve (Heart Murmur) which leads to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or causing Liver Abscess or even Kidney Failure.

In an effort to keep your pet in the optimum health, Market Lane Animal Hospital is offering you a special promotion for any dental procedure done in the month of February:

Dental package includes:

1. Complimentary full examination: before surgery.

2. Anesthesia & monitoring by a Registered Vet Technician:

We use Isoflurane the safest gas anesthetic and your pet will be hooked up to a heart and respiratory monitor and blood pressure machine during the length of the procedure. Your pet’s vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and blood pressure are monitored during and after dentistry until full recovery.

3. Dental professional cleaning:

Is done by the veterinarian using State-Of-The-Art ultrasound scaling and prophy machine to remove the tartar and smooth down the teeth, and then we apply fluoride treatment to help healing the gum.

4. Complimentary Pain killer injection and Antibiotic injection.

5. Complimentary nail trim.

6. Hospitalization for the day until full recovery.

7. Also you will receive 50% off annual dental cleaning and extraction(s). OR 25% off extraction(s) if dental cleaning was done last over a year.

8. Free dental food for any dental exam or cleaning during the promo period.


* Price does not include pre-operative blood screen, IV catheter & fluids, extraction(s) or any other procedures requested during admission.

If you have been putting this procedure on hold for the best time, act now not to miss the chance

*** Please note that this is a “Public promotion” & Limited time offer ONLY ***