Continuous Care

dog being examined by vet tech

We handle our own emergencies, so we can provide your pet with continuous patient care 7 days a week, including holidays if feasible.

After examining your pet and assessing his/her overall condition and our vet recommend hospitalization (WE ARE NOT 24/7 CLINIC) but your pet will be monitored closely during working hours by a Registered Vet. Tech. RVT and often checked by the vet. He/She will be hooked to an IV machine to automatically dispense acurate amounts of fluids and medications as needed and Dr. Gayed will be visiting again at night to adjust fluid flow and give medications as needed. You will be contacted with an update of your pet’s condition by the Vet. &/or the Tech. during the day and at night (if requested) and feel free to visit in the pre-arranged visitation times with the RVT to insure that we are available when you visit to answer any questions you might have.

If your pet deemed to be a critical case that need 24/7 observation. We will referre you to one of the 24/7 emergency referral centers.

Our vet will contact the attendant veterinarian in the emergency hospital and brief him/her with your pet’s condition. All blood work, x-rays and other diagnostic tests done on your pet will be forward with you or by fax or email to the referral center to start working on him/her without delay. 

We will be in contact with the emergency hospital to get an update on your pet’s condition. When his/her condition is stabilized but still need hospitalization and continuos care we will be more than happy to hospitalize him/her in our facility until complete recovery.


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